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Beach Party

February 15, 2011

December and January were unusually cold in the Austin area and we developed a serious case of cabin fever. Lilly suggested we have a beach party. What a splendid idea.

We gathered the necessary gear (umbrella, beach towel, bucket and shovel, balls, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuits, swim ring, books and snacks) and headed for the ‘beach’ – right in our living room!

As the sun made its first appearance in many days, we sunned, splashed, jumped, did cannonballs and had a wonderful outing at the beach. There’s nothing like hanging out in your swimsuit, basking in the sun and going for a brisk swim in the dead of (a Texas) winter.

Take a cue from Lilly. No matter the weather outside, the next time you long for the sand and sun, simply create your own beach party at home!

Disadvantages: No awesome beach hair, no suntan and no found objects (shells or beach glass).
Advantages: No pesky sand, no sunburn, no grueling trip in a car or plane, no sandflies, forgotten beach gear was easy to retrieve and the bathroom was quickly within reach.

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