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Lillyism #3 (pun edition)

November 6, 2012

Lilly got a terrible bump on her forehead the other night while was playing Can’t Catch Me with her dad. Around here we jokingly call it CAN Catch Me since the kids are so much slower than Craig. The game was over before it really started after she slid into the wall and a large egg began to appear immediately. After lots tears, ice application and a Dora bandaid for effect I was surprised how good it looked the next morning – not at all like she had been clubbed in the head.

As I was fixing her hair for school I commented that the bruising was barely noticeable. “Let’s take off this bandaid”, I urged. She rejected the idea.

As I tried to talk her into removing it she reasoned it looked much prettier with the bandaid on. If we took it off then it would just be a forehead.

“It would not just be a forehead, it is YOUR forehead and I think you have a beautiful forehead. Besides, you can hardly see the bruise,” I said.

“Noooooo, mom,” she said. “Don’t you get it … forehead? FOREHEAD?

I still did not get it.

She held up her hand with four fingers sticking straight up to clarify things for me. “FOUR head, mom. You know, FOUR, like me! Without the bandaid it will just be a four-head!”.

Corny for sure but I guess all great comics start somewhere.

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