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About_family2011_2I’ve always been a dreamer. As a child I was always concocting some fantastical plan. At night I would dream vividly of grand adventures or new and daring feats. My parents always took time to listen to my wacky ideas and would oblige in helping me making some of the more logical ones a reality.

I’m still a dreamer. I work as a graphic designer and photographer and live in the hill country north of Austin with my handsome dimpled husband, Craig; two hilarious, dimpled daughters, Lillian (Lilly) and Marlowe (Marley) and a just plain hilarious Pug named Winston.

Before Lilly was born I imagined what she might look like and who she might be. Tall or short, blonde or brunette? On the first day she came into the world, I was completely surprised to see she had inherited her dad’s dimples. It was wonderful, unexpected gift. Two years later sweet Marley joined us. Not to be outdone by her older sister, Marley was born with three dimples – one to spare!

Now that I’m all grown up, I use my creativity as a designer to help my clients with advertising, branding and social media. As a photographer I work with clients to create magical images they will cherish for a lifetime. And as a wife and mom I get to teach my girls how to use glitter, glue on googly eyes, garden, play princess, make costumes and then try to get a somewhat healthy meal on the table for all of them every evening. I also have an unhealthy preoccupation with cast-off chairs and furniture that has been left at the curb.

Lilly’s Dimples is a place to share the things that inspire me and make me happy. It is also a place for me to record my thoughts as I chase my children around, remember the things that touched me in my childhood and search for balance in my life.

If you would like to talk about a creative project please contact me using the form below or email me at stacy (at) bluehausdesign (dot) com.

You can also find me at Bluehaus Design Co., Bluehaus PhotographyPugnation and Etsy.
–Stacy Coale

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